Participant of the Centre won “Best Delegate” and “Head Delegate” in ASEAN Model Youth Submit Competition

2019-10-29  Share

      October 22-29, 2019, the 11th ASEAN Model Youth Submit Competition was held at Peking University, Ms. Surucchawadi Seweewanlop (Jinling), 2018 Space Law and Policy participant of the Centre who comes from Thailand competed in the competition under the name of Beihang University. During the competition, Jinling was allocated to compete in the ASEAN REGIONAL FORUM SENIOR OFFICIALS’ MEETING (AFRSOM) where there were fifty-four (54) delegates participating and won the “Best Delegate”. Moreover, she has been awarded and appointed as the Head Delegate among more than 100 candidates.

      During the competition, Jinling was assigned to represent European Union (EU) and prepared a Position Paper Background of Topic, Past International Actions, Country Policy, and Possible Solutions. She delivered an excellent opening speech, explaining the policy and key-sub-issues that she would like the committee to focus on.

      “At the time of the competition, we need to think various resolutions to be highlighted but most of the delegates put it in the way of “arguing” not “negotiating”, which means that it is a waste of time if your goal is to pass your resolution. If you want to win in terms of getting your draft resolution passed, you need to do more than debate—you need to negotiate. You say “yes” or agree to something because you are comfortable with it. You genuinely like the idea and believe in it — or you decide to be persuaded simply because it’s your friend or someone you like and trust. In Model UN, you will use a combination of substantive persuasion and personal persuasion to get delegates to vote for your draft resolution — you will negotiate with them on both intellect and personality.”

      Also, Jinling took the role in drafting a Submit of the BLUEPRINT, along with other countries, which would be submitted to the secretary-general of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to be taken into consideration for further policy drafting between China and ASEAN Member States.