The Centre held the “Aerial Exploration and Cultural Communication” seminar

2019-06-28  Share

On June 28, 2019, the “Aerial Exploration and Cultural Communication” seminar was held at Beihang University. Mr. Pang Zhihao, Researcher of China Academy of Space Technology and Chief Editor of “International Space” magazine; Mr. Ding Zhiyong, Deputy General manager of AVIC Culture; Mr. Wang Xudong, Cultural Scholar; Mr. Han Guojun, Curator of Air and Space Museum; Mr. Liu Hu, professor in the School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beihang University; Dr. Gong Haoqin, Art Director of the Centre; Ms. Wang Xin, Brand Designer of the Centre and Ms. Guo Yuanyuan, Programme manager of the Centre attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Dr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Centre and Dean of International School, Beihang University.


Dr. Weng Jingnong briefly introduced the Centre’s exploration and achievements in aerospace cultural communication, global cooperation, talent cultivation, educational research. The participating experts reached a lot of consensus and cooperation intentions concerning the aerial cultural communication mode, content planning, space culture and public life, combination of aerial culture development with youth growth, science and art and development of Centre platform.

After the meeting, the participating experts paid a visit to the laboratories of small-satellite ground monitoring and control center, Remote Sensing and GIS teaching and facilities such as distance learning and video conference room, STA library, and training classrooms. Also, they checked the Centre construction development gallery and window display of Newsletters.