Governing Board

Currently, there are ten member states for UN Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education, i.e. Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Peru, Venezuela. Providing services to the member states is one of the main objectives of the Centre.

The office of the Centre has established a basic database of all members of the Governing Board nominated by member states, and assigned one staff to keep in close contact with the members of the Governing Board (GB)of the Centre. The meeting documents have been sent to all members of GB by E-mail before the first regular meeting and then the feedbacks of the members to the meeting documents were tidied up. The Centre also booked air tickets and accommodation for the members so as to attend the meeting of GB and actively communicated with the members of GB to understand what the members need. The Secretary of GB dispatched the Minutes of the first meeting of GB and information feedback sheets to all members of GB in order to understand the demand of member states in the field of space science and technology education. The Centre will carry out its activities in accordance with the requirements and recommendation of the Chairperson and other members of GB.

In addition, with the support of Chinese government, the Centre will offer a certain amount scholarships for Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree to the students from the member states each year. The Centre will offer at least three short training programmes on space technology application to the members states each year.