Space Law and Policy

Capacity-building, training and education in space law helps to promote international development and cooperation in space activities and provides the means for a deeper understanding of the interdependent roles of science, technology and law in this area. In view of this, as a new major under space technology applications, space law plays an important role in space technology applications. Currently, some regional centres (affiliated to the United Nations), including RCSSTEAP, have started space law education. The International Training Program on Space Law and Policy was successfully held by RCSSTEAP from 17-25 September, 2015. Thus the RCSSTEAP is the first regional centre to host the short term training class on space law among six regional centres.

Based on this, the RCSSTEAP decided to add a new major titled” Space Law and Policy” under MASTA since 2016 so as to promote the educational and training activities of space law at the regional and global level. With the strong support of UNOOSA, Chiese Goverment, RCSSTEAP and APSCO, the Program will take advantage of global resources of space law and the advantages of the Regional Centre and its partner in the field of space science and space technology application, invite high level technical, policy and legal experts in related field from all over the world , and provide lectures, practice courses to ensure the participants to have a comprehensive understanding on the policy, law, management and technical knowledge related space applications and make them the high-end talents so that they can provide the necessary strategic, technical, policy and legal support for the development of space applications in their home countries.