The objective of the program is to train students from UN member states for satellite communication and applications, introduce state-of-art satellite communication technology and its future trends, promote deployment and usage of new and innovative satellite communication technology and applications to the UN Member States, promote the academic exchange and the technical expertise between Member States towards for better collaboration on satellite communication technology and applications.

There are total 11 teachers severe this program, 5 full professors and 6 associate professors, including one Chang Jiang Scholar Endowed Professor from Beihang University and one professor from Texas A&M University, who is the IEEE fellow and the Winner of “Thousand Talent Program”. 

The program has a variety of laboratory facilities among the best in China, including IC Design National Training Center, William C. Y. Li Communication R&D Center, KTH-BUAA Center for Wireless Communications, Integrated Test and Simulation Lab of Satellite Communication, National Key Laboratory of Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management.

SATCOM Courses